At Securita Re we strive
for the BEST

Our History

Securita Re is a market-leading independent insurance and reinsurance broker specializing in providing customized solutions to businesses, cover holders, insurance brokers, insurance companies, and private individuals worldwide. With our powerful global network of companies, we are committed to defining the future of insurance. We are well-positioned and have the expertise to support and protect the next phase of your firm’s expansion strategy. Securita Re is positioned to assist its clients worldwide via an expanded offering and global reach.
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Our dedicated specialists, brokers, analysts, product innovators, and insurance providers offer expert advice on how to deal with the unpredictability of your particular line of work. 

Our comprehensive solutions range from assessing risk to providing extra capacity so you can receive more help. We can create programs for small and large businesses alike— and we have even added extra resources if you need them. 

Specialized brokers like Securita Re exist to provide risk prevention solutions that are more specific than general markets. With effective and affordable options for insurance market protection, you can ride out the storms of changing current trends and find a brighter future ahead! Keeping you secure and financially afloat amid the expanding sea of change.


With over 20 years of experience and relationships with regional and international Reinsurers, the specialists at Securita Re deliver tailored Reinsurance solutions with full confidence through their market knowledge.
Using our broad experience, analytical abilities and market connections, we can reduce your risks to a minimum. We can also leverage our strong ties with European markets, US markets, and Lloyd’s to support you through the most difficult to place risks.
The insights and analysis of our Reinsurance broking team allows us to reduce major risks related to Reinsurance.
Our expert advice will lead and help your company grow more effectively, better handle financial losses, and increase capital available for use.
By leveraging our competitive edge, our specialists help you secure the best allocation of your capital in any given industry!

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Our mission

To offer outstanding technical support and the most comprehensive insurance solutions to our clients, by following a meticulous process in assessing each customer’s specific needs.

Our Vision

To be always recognized as industry leaders by both our customers and competitors and to maximize the success of our customer partners, whilst growing and developing our services and striving for distinction.

Integrity, reliability, and transparency are our slogans whilst continually assisting our clients in all classes of businesses across the globe with enthusiasm and devotion. Remaining a single point of contact for our clients and offering them the most competitive terms and customized insurance programs through our technical know-how with complete responsiveness and reliability.

At Securita Re we provide a professional and private claims service to each of our clients and underwriters. We have a claims team for each class of insurance line and recognize that claims are the most important key part of any insurance contract as a result we assure you the following:
· That we will identify the exact requirements of each claim any of our clients has and provide advice and guidance to ensure a smooth claim processing from initial notification to final settlement.
· That we will have an excellent working relationship with independent loss adjusters and maintain a high level of service throughout the process.
· That we have a strong working relationship with all our Reinsurers who will be involved at each stage of the claim process and keep our clients informed of their claim status through proper communication.
· That we operate in full confidentiality so our clients can rest assured that no personal and sensitive data are shared with anyone.