Oil & Gas Consultants Insurance

Oil refinery gas flare


Oil and Gas Consultant Insurance is a policy package designed to accommodate the full range of consulting services you may provide within the industry.

We specialize in Oil & Gas upstream consultants and have our business associates who have in place an exclusive prior submit Binding Authority with Underwriters at Lloyd’s of London where acknowledgement and/or quote times are within 18 hours and no longer than 36 hours.

Our policy offers combined Commercial General Liability and Professional Liability coverage, which will comply with your clients’ insurance requirements.

The coverage highlights available under the oil & gas operators and consultants insurance program include:

  • Advertising injury liability
  • Annual aggregate
  • Bodily injury and property damage
  • Employee benefits liability
  • Fire fighting expenses
  • Legal liability for damage to hired automobiles
  • Limited pollution
  • Medical expenses (by person and/or by accident)
  • Non-owned automobile liability
  • Personal injury
  • Tenant’s legal liability

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