High Risk Territories Insurance

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We at Securita Re, draft insurance solutions for companies and individuals operating or traveling to dangerous, remote, challenging, and hostile environments worldwide, including war zones, crisis, and disaster relief zones.
Our coverage is a specialist insurance product providing life and Personal Accident coverage including emergency medical and evacuation riders in the event of unexpected illness or accidental bodily injury.
For individuals and groups traveling to high-risk territorial zones and areas where governments have advised not to travel, such as Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, and Sudan, etc. as well as other hazardous areas, this coverage is the adequate type of insurance they need.
Our extensive experience and excellent relationships with insurers have made us a leader in placing these risks to fully protect our clients. Our coverage can be extended but not limited to the below:


Our experienced claims department will provide an exceptional level of service working with emergency assistance companies on a 24/7 basis. With direct and immediate access to insurers, crucial decisions can be taken and directly executed, followed by swift settlement of claims when they arise.

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